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Agren Blando International CoverageWe have a network of thousands of court reporters available anywhere from coast to coast as well as internationally. 

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International Coverage

Agren Blando Court Reporting & Video, Inc. is happy to introduce to you our newly expanded international division covering, Europe, Asia and beyond.

We have partnered with the top international experts as an extension of our national coverage team to bring you the same level of professionalism and service you have become accustomed to with Agren Blando, whether in Paris, Bangkok, or Helsinki.

Some of the highlights of our service and commitment to excellence include:

  • Global coverage and experience:  Worldwide service allowing you to compete globally for depositions. Our international team has over 30 years of experience and a legacy of innovation and professionalism in international court reporting.
  • Technical Experience:  Both the technical team and reporters are fully trained to support LiveNote software and work alongside our team on all international assignments.
  • Full Service:  We provide court reporting and all ancillary services (Video, Interpreters, Conference rooms etc)
  • Case Management:  Our team here at Agren Blando will work with our international experts to manage all the logistics for you, on every deposition, so your litigation team does not have to work outside business hours and you avoid many of the common problems that can occur.
  • Cost savings:  Savings brought by the extra efficiency of our team taking on all management for you and ensuring costs and service options are balanced to meet your needs.
  • Court Reporters:  Our international reporters are the highest caliber and are LiveNote® Certified and experienced in the US rules of civil procedure.
  • Videographers:  Our international videographers are trained to shoot US depositions and adhere to US formats and we produce your video in the format you normally receive from us.
  • Production and Billing:  We produce your final product so you get what you are used to no matter where in the world your deposition takes place.


Click HERE to read our helpful article on "What You Need To Know About Taking International Depositions."

Have a question about administering an oath for a deposition in Europe?  Read more HERE.

To learn more about our international deposition services or to receive a free consultation please call us at 1.800.739.4846.

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**While we do provide coverage in all of these regions there are of course certain countries that are not part of the Hague Convention or have particular restrictions on taking depositions.  Whilst we cannot offer legal advice, we are happy to provide you information based on our experience working in the international field.


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